The gardens surrounding the house, together with the main drive are landscaped with a large number of flowers.   The formal English Garden is positioned in the alcove of the main house and the master suite, and contains a boxwood border, holly hedge, varieties of Magnolia trees, a Victorian metal gazebo, and fountain.  Annual flowers are changed seasonally.  Featured areas are built around large grand oaks, including a fallen oak at the end of the drive which, when struck by lightning, took root and became a large garden in itself.  Garden statuary and lighting in incorporated in this area.

The Gaens

Apsley Manor has both a formal English garden and gardens planned around the natural landscape.


The English Garden

The Grounds

Apsley Manor Drive

Fallen Oak Lawn, South Side

Fern & Azalea Garden

Fallen Oak Garden North Side

Part of the Entrance Garden


North Garden Deck and Arbor Gate